Social Justice Welchers

Ahh, you’re so proud of your new iPhone and iMac, and you just can’t wait to get online and preach about making the rich pay their fare share.

Even Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is constantly wailing about social responsibility and the need for equity in all things, particularly income equality.

Apple moved $250 BILLION overseas in order to avoid paying taxes. You know, those important funds that pay for social services such as Medicare, Social Security and roads.  While they wrap themselves in the social justice flag, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to stash as much cash as possible and deny the funds that could have a very positive effect on the lives of millions of people.

You shouldn’t be surprised at this, since their lack of philanthropy is legend. Steve Jobs was quite possibly the stingiest, greediest person this country has ever produced. He openly disdained almost everyone and did his best keep every last penny he could squeeze from the myrmidons of the market.

He created this corporate culture that has survived beyond his passing, and it shows no sign of changing.

Buying an Apple product just might make you a loathsome person worthy of protesting. Look in the mirror, slap yourself, and return your Apple products. If they change their hypocritical ways, maybe they can bring back the trust, but until then, it would be in everyone’s interest to simply stop sending them money.


The Keurig is the Real America

It may sound odd, but the Keurig is the perfect indicator of the future of mankind.

A coffee machine?

As a society, we have been educated for over 50 years on the dangers of pollution and waste. Constantly inundated with books, articles, commercials, etc., we are all acutely aware of just how precious our resources are, and how we need to be frugal in our use of them, not only for the environment, but to leave something for future generations.

Of course, there are the dimwitted who can never be educated, and simply act in defiance of reason. You know the type: they don’t recycle, they still spray chemicals all over the lawn, they throw bottles out the window of their cars, and are generally considered to be moronic dickweeds. Unfortunately, there’s no helping those people, but we hope that the majority can at least act in a responsible manner.

Along comes the Keurig, a simple machine to create a single cup of coffee.

Utilizing a “pod”, a small, plastic-encased serving of coffee, this machine gives the user a chance to serve up a quick, poor-tasting cup of coffee in just seconds. Yes, it tastes like crap, because it brews too quickly, and it has that lovely flavor that only flexible, chemical-leeching plastic can provide. Once complete, the pod is tossed in to the trash bin to decompose over the next 1500 years.

What kind of idiot would use such an obviously environmentally damaging product? Everyone. And everyone has to be aware of the insidious nature of this device, yet they don’t care. There are very few of us even discussing it these days.

At least the inventor realizes what an incredibly crappy device he invented, and he is apologetic for what he has wrought. And he should be. Publicly stating that he is sorry just isn’t enough. He should be dedicating his life to establish a universal ban of this device. Otherwise, it’s just another example of empty, virtue signaling.

While we wait for Mr. Sylvan to grow a conscience, maybe we could start speaking with politicians and environmental leaders to actually bring this to the forefront. Bans rarely take effect, but a .50 deposit on every pod would end this disaster tomorrow.

Call your liberal candidates and start demanding that they take a public position on this subject. Unless they do, it simply won’t make it in to the news. The conservative candidates won’t touch it, and if they did, the liberal media would never give them the publicity for stating it, so it’s up the left to get this done.

You can also start in the office by putting up signs near the Keurig machine. Companies love to greenwash themselves, so here’s a perfect opportunity.

But it’s anti-business! Yes, some businesses should not be allowed. That’s why we have laws.

Throw your keurig machine in the trash (it probably can’t be recycled) and go out and get a real coffee maker and start feeling better about yourself and enjoying vastly better coffee.

The Day the NFL Died

sad football

We’ll be able to look back on 9/24/2017 as the day the NFL died.

It’s been coming for some time, particularly with the publication of Dr. Ann McKee’s research in to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., results that should stop every parent right in their tracks.

After examining the brains of 111 dead NFL players, she and her colleagues found CTE in 110 of them. That’s pretty much 100%. Play football and you’re assured of serious brain damage.

What parent would let their child play after learning of these findings? Apparently, the numbers of football players are dwindling rapidly, and within the next few years, there will be a serious effort to end football at all levels below the NFL. Even now, high school teams are disappearing at a rapid pace, with parent’s reluctance to let their children get destroyed for a relatively stupid game.

That’s part one.

The other part, when combined with the lack of players, is the lack of fans, and it will put the nail in the coffin for the NFL.

The politicization of football is clearly alienating lifelong fans, who are getting very sick and tired of watching extremely wealthy athletes resort to grandstanding about issues that don’t even exist.

Their obvious disrespect for a nation that has allowed them to gain such tremendous wealth, and a nation that affords them more opportunity and freedom than anywhere else on Earth, has raised the ire of all patriotic Americans, particularly the educated ones and not the virtue signalers who simply jump on any bandwagon that comes along, as long as it’s Anti-America, that is.

On 9/24/2017, after some eyebrow raising tweets from President Trump, the snowflakes went apoplectic, as they always do these days. Emboldened and enraged by their latest shared hallucination, they have encouraged all players and anyone else to take a knee to the USA.

The irony is that this is all being led by a player who simply doesn’t have the talent to play at this level and is quite angry about it. So, he decided to get the spotlight back on him by taking a knee during the anthem, and to try to paint his unemployment as some sort of blackballing campaign. Real fans know the truth. He simply sucks, and with his latest act, he’s toxic to any team.

The fact that people are responding to a rich, silver-spoon-fed brat who looks like a MS13 gang banger, is proof of the declining intelligence of Americans, as they can no longer discern truth from fiction. Americans are simply unable to tell the difference anymore.

Even the vaunted Pittsburg Steelers, a favorite of patriotic America, took the insult to a whole new level by refusing to come out on to the field for the National Anthem. That little stunt certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Over in England, during the ridiculous, annual game of NFL imperialism, the Jaguars refused to stand for the National Anthem, yet they rose for the UK anthem of “God Save the Queen.”

Let that one sink in, folks.

Personally, I’m sick of the incessant whining of these dimwitted athletes. I’m tired of the proselytizing from left wing sports broadcasters, and the constant politics that have taken over what used to be a relaxing getaway from the drudgery of our daily grind.

Like most will be doing, I am saying goodbye to the NFL.  I know that I’ll enjoy the new found free time.