The Shop Kids Will Rule

First, answer this question:  How many millennials does it take to pay somebody to screw in a light bulb?

I frequently read the news and think about what I would do if I was suddenly 18 and pondering career prospects. Like most my age, I would choose a vastly different path than the one I took that made me a boring, cubicle-dweller who simply hopes he can make it to retirement without a life-changing upheaval.

As for my 18 year old self, he would take full advantage of the incredibly lazy, and inept generation that preceded him, and the even more inept one that he’s considered a member of, by learning a trade skill and taking these dimwitted, entitled morons straight to the cleaners.

Oh, but that’s not nice, and not true, right? It’s worse than you can possibly imagine.

Millennials lack even the most basic skills that people of my generation take completely for granted.

It’s so bad that Home Depot is creating videos that are so simplistic that they were worried about offending the millennial viewers by being too condescending in the material. No worries there, because the generation that spends most of its time whinging, can barely replace a light bulb or check the oil without assistance.

So, my advice to any high school kids who want to make some serious coinage is to go to a trade school and start your business as soon as you get out. Don’t cut these idiots any slack, or give them any breaks, just make them pay through the nose for their ridiculous lack of life skills.


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