Pitbull Owners Take Notice

Grandma's house isn't so welcoming.

Recently, in Georgia, a child of the age of two was torn apart and killed by a pair of Pitbulls.

Nothing new there, right?  Just another daily story of a kid being killed by these dangerous beasts.

Except, in this case, the grandmother, who was caring for the child, and also owned the two pitbulls, is being charged with murder.

Hallelujah! This should be the default charge in every one of these cases, since the owners are perfectly aware of the danger that they pose, not only to children, but to all people. Only a psychopath would own a pitbull, because they simply don’t care about other people, nor do they possess anything that could remotely be described as empathy.

Let’s hope this case becomes a national standard and the de facto legal response to all future pitbull related homicides.


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