How to Read Subscription Based News Websites for Free

You've reached your limit

If you’ve ever seen a version of the warning above, there are two simple solutions to fixing it.

  1. Pay for the subscription
  2. Get a free add-on for your browser and never pay again.

Unless you REALLY like that website that tries to pass itself off as a newspaper, you’re probably more interested in option #2.

Here’s how they block you.

Websites use cookies to track you when you visit their website. In this case, they use these to keep count of the number of times that you’ve visited, and once you’ve hit the magic number, you are then presented with a warning that you can no longer read their crap for free for the remainder of the month.

Here’s how you fix it.

There are add-ons available for the major browsers that will allow you to erase these cookies for the site with a simple click, thus resetting the counter to 0.

In Firefox, select Tools->Add Ons from the menu. Then search for “remove cookies”. Select one of the choices and click on install. I prefer the “Remove Cookies for Site”, by Dwipal, for the ease of operation, and that it has no button on the toolbar.

In Chrome, go to and search for “remove cookies. The extension that I prefer here is “Remove Cookie!”.

Be sure that the extension removes cookies when used, and not simply disables them for the site. Most sites will detect that you are blocking the use of cookies and will not allow you access to it.

Once you are presented with the warning, just click on the button on the toolbar, refresh the page, and voila, you’re all set to keep reading. If you’re using the Firefox extension that I listed, right click anywhere on the page and select “Remove cookies for site”.



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