Can Smokers Save Obamacare?


According the CDC, life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than for nonsmokers.

The average life expectancy is now 78.74 years (2012 data). Following the CDC findings noted above, the average life expectancy for a smoker would then be 68.74 years.

Let’s look at average healthcare costs for the aged. Between the ages of 68 and 78, the cost of health care goes almost vertical in increasing costs. (see chart) Below that age range, the increase rate is nowhere near as steep, thus the most expensive years by far for healthcare are in the retirement years.


Ultimately, one can see that by promoting a non-smoking world, the government is vastly increasing the cost of healthcare for everyone. Smokers, by dying at an early age, spare society the enormous extra health care costs associated with the later years in life. Maybe the government should get out of the anti-smoking business and let people make their own choices about smoking, no matter how unhealthy that may be to them.

As the aged population becomes more of a burden due to the great numbers of elderly vs young, we are having more and more trouble funding healthcare. More workers are constantly needed to fund these ever increasing social costs, so rather than look to importing people to sustain this ridiculous pyramid scheme, maybe we can take a more <cough> passive approach to financial sustainability.

It would be almost impossible at this point for the government to do a 180 and start promoting smoking, but it’s killing itself by putting so much effort in to stopping it. With such a devastated rural economy as exists now, maybe it could be looked at as a much needed economic boost for the southern states.

Light up, folks. The future depends on it.



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