Fiat 500 – 500 Days Left?

Fiat 500 crash

A few years ago, I wrote about the new Fiat 500 that was being brought in to the US with much fanfare from the media and newly merged Fiat-Chrysler group. Even the pre-humiliated Charlie Sheen was doing commercials for the car as Chrysler tried desperately to bring Fiat back to the American market.

There was one problem with their plan. Fiat still sucks and the 500 may be one of the worst pieces of junk that they’ve ever tried to peddle to Americans. I’m old enough to remember the Fiats of the 70s. They were cute, but broke down constantly and the whole fiasco ended when Fiat retreated to the European market where taste in automobiles is a wee bit different.

Fiat has taken the podium for at least one category since they returned, and that is the #1 ranking in Consumer Reports  for least reliable automobile. And not by a small margin. They completely blew away the competition. Ultimately, there is no way you can make it here after taking that prize. Reliability has always been a key component to survivability in this market.

One of the other problems with the little go cart was safety. It faired very poorly in crash tests, so no intelligent parent would put their child, or their teenager, or themselves in one of these.

The 500L Crossover, the last version of the 500 to be dumped on the American market, and the final hope of Fiat, has turned out to be an absolute disaster. Initial enthusiasm waned quickly as the market for idiotic buyers quickly ran out. Sales have plummeted for Fiats in the last year and it’s clear that they won’t be around much longer.  Unless they can come up with something better, which in their eyes is probably this joke of a car, they will be gone within two years.

Imagine how much money they spent on dealerships, networks, marketing, etc..  It’s enough to make Bernie Sanders go in to a complete meltdown.



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