Is Phish the Worst Band of All Time?

Phish Phreaks

That’s a tough title to take home, but they are certainly in the running.

As a long time Deadhead, I’ve always wondered about the love affair with Phish from many in the Dead crowd, and after really, really trying to like them, and listening to all of their songs, I can attest to the fact that they just plain suck. There isn’t an ounce of talent among these frauds, but their idiocy is only matched or surpassed by their fan base.

In case you’re a fan and have found yourself offended by that statement and ready to head to your safe space, just listen to this song and tell me that it is not the work of an absolute joke. A 5 year old could write a better song during recess.


That same 5 year old could sing it, play the instruments, and do harmony with herself better,  too.

So, if you aren’t familiar with Phish and need a consolidated version of their music, I suggest this video.

What Phish Sounds Like to People Who Don’t Like Phish

As gut wrenchingly funny as that video might be, the sad fact is that it’s pretty much the truth. These clowns have become millionaires by getting stoned off their asses, climbing on to a stage and playing absolute garbage to flocks of drug-addled, adoring dimwits.

I wish I had thought of it.


One thought on “Is Phish the Worst Band of All Time?

  1. You’re a Deadhead? OMG…that explains almost everything…ALMOST, remember….

    right on about Phish though….

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