Should Cellphones be Banned in the Classroom?

Cell phones in class

As if the educational system is not hampered enough by the stupidity of leadership and their inability to make the correct decision concerning even the simplest issues, they find themselves drowning in a sea of decision paralysis.

Here’s the latest conundrum that is causing waves of dissension and hand-wringing among the idiots that manage our children’s education:

Educators can’t agree on whether cellphones in the classroom help or hinder education.

Even the most obtuse twit would spend about .5 seconds on this question, as it is not even worth thinking about. Cell phones are a constant distraction in any situation, and if there was ever a time to ban them from the premises, it is in the classroom. The fact that they are even allowed in some schools mystifies me, as I’m sure it does most parents, with the exception of the moronic, self-indulgent Kardashian type of parents.

Just a few years ago, a few intelligent professors banned laptops in the classroom and the results were dramatic increases in test scores. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, but I’m betting that most educators could wrap their brains around that one. Remove the distractions and kids will actually learn something.

The millenials have tried to dupe their elders in to believing the ludicrous idea that they have somehow mastered multi-tasking where every other generation has failed. As if their special, hate-speech protected, coddled brains have unlocked the mystery of simultaneous processing of tinder posts and organic chemistry. It’s absurd and the only ones other than lazy, moronic teachers to believe that garbage are the kids themselves.

In the previously referenced article, one professor found that the laptop users in his class scored the same as kids who skipped class altogether. Case closed.

Finally, this calls in to question the teacher’s and/or administrator’s failure of basic judgment, common sense and reasoning abilities required for their positions in education and it should be reviewed closely by those paying their salaries.


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