Obama Using Health System to Limit 2nd Amendment


Yesterday, the Obama administration finalized a rule that enables health care providers to report the names of mentally ill patients to an FBI firearms background check system. On the face, this seems reasonable considering the horror that we’ve witnessed from Sandy Hook, Aurora and other massacres at the hands of extremely mentally ill people.

The problem with this approach is that the 2nd amendment becomes the property of healthcare providers. The vast majority of physicians are anti-gun, and from some seminars that I’ve witnessed, they are almost universally aligned with the left in their goal of total gun confiscation and repeal of the second amendment. Almost lockstep in their opposition, they will certainly work to forward their agenda through these changes in the law. Like our education system, the health care system is also dominated by leftist dogma.

A simple example of this would be a motivated physician turning in anyone who he or she knows owns a gun, reporting that they witnessed possible mental health issues during care. And what’s to stop any one of these extreme leftist docs from providing false information to the federal government in order to have your rights denied to you? Nothing, really. Knowing how transparent these federal entities are, I can’t fathom any problems that might result from such reporting.

Shouldn’t they report any individual who is on some type of psychotropic drug, since that is the one contributing factor in every mass shooting with the exclusion of Islam? Unfortunately though, If you report to your health care provider that you’re depressed because your son just died in a car accident and that you need a little short term help with coping, you could end up on the permanently banned list, or worse, have your guns seized from your home due to your “dangerous” condition, even though like any normal person, you get over the pain in time.

Sadly, this places health care providers in a confrontational position with their patients, as no gun owner with an ounce of gray matter would ever admit to owning a gun when questioned in the clinic. First of all, it’s none of their business, but they see it as an important health care item to use in the patient assessment. Their dogmatic concept of health care includes gun ownership in the same class as smoking and they long ago declared endless war on smoking.

Of course, if Obama truly cared about the safety of the American people, he would require that every Muslim be placed on the list, as they present the most clear and present threat to public safety, but since his administration’s policy is to import as many of these terrorists as possible, that isn’t going to happen.




One thought on “Obama Using Health System to Limit 2nd Amendment

  1. Hey guy- that’s very interesting!- never thought of it – and you are exactly right. Typical liberal mindset that drives the problem further underground. Am starting class again next Thursday, so will be at Treehouse again – will be on for 6 weeks again, so if you feel like a beer on me, let me know! Looking forward to it.

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