Another Day, Another Horrific Pit Bull Attack

On Sunday, January 3, 2016, a 9 year old boy named Tyler Trammell-Huston was attacked and killed by 3 pit bulls in Linda, California. The dogs belonged to his older sister, a 24 yr old sociopath, who left her younger brother in the care of 3 deadly and dangerous animals.

Oh, but aren’t these the snuggly, loving pit bulls you’ve read so much about that couldn’t possibly hurt anyone unless they were beaten daily and otherwise horribly mistreated? Take a look at the sister playing with her pit bulls.

Do they look abused to you? Me, neither. Pit bulls are totally unpredictable and should never be trusted at all, particularly with somebody that you supposedly love.

In a just world, the sister would be brought up on murder charges for the death of her brother, another kid that will never grow up to be whatever it is that he might have dreamed.

Remember, treat all pit bull (and other dangerous dogs) owners as pariahs. Call them out. Tell them they are vile people and curse them at every opportunity. And push your local and state legislatures to ban these beasts.


One thought on “Another Day, Another Horrific Pit Bull Attack

  1. I totally agree. I won’t even talk to people that own Pit Bulls. it is not OK to own Pit Bulls. I read that the attacks have increased by 870% since 2005. Its heartbreaking that parents actually bring these dogs home as the family pet, when they have children, and too often, this is the result

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