Pitbull Apologist Reaches New Level of Stupidity

In a 12/9/15 letter to the editor of the Grand Forks Herald, an insane Pitbull owner by the name of Jennie Belanus defended the bloodthirsty beasts as suffering from ‘racism.’

The author starts by providing a few choice anecdotes about Pitbulls as saviors. As if that doesn’t provide enough hilarity, she then confuses breed with race, claiming discrimination against these poor family oriented hug machines.

Next, she goes on to teach us all a little history lesson, one that is far from reality, but anyone who would defend these monsters probably isn’t college material. As most idiotic Pitbull apologists do, she made up stories and statistics, claiming there was only one known pitbull attack prior to 1980. A quick perusal of fatal Pitbull attack data proves otherwise.

I imagine her next letter will be to her congressperson to ask to enact hate crime legislation against the pitbull race and establishment of a local chapter of PLM, aka Pitbull Lives Matter. Fortunately, she did close with one good piece of advice when she recommended banning all “bad dog-owners”, which I cannot argue with. Maybe we could start with her.

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