Another Day Another Pitbull Attack


It’s pretty clear that we’re fighting terrorism on many fronts these days. ISIS may get all the headlines, but on the local scene, there’s another relentless form of deadly violence being unleashed on the populace.

The latest victim is Rebecca Hardy, a 22 year old mother from Port Huron, NY, who was horribly mauled and killed by two pitbulls. She was found in the yard of the dogs’ owner, most likely having been dragged there by the two dogs, but then again maybe she was mislead by the media in to believing that they are just “wonderful, loving family pets”, and wandered in to pet the deadly beasts. Either way, she died a horribly painful death, leaving her 18 month old daughter to grow up without the slightest memory of her.

The dogs were quarantined after the attack, so there’s no word yet on whether they will be terminated, released back to their owners, or deposited at the local humane shelter where they can be put back on the streets to kill again.

These dog owners are pariahs and no better than the terrorists who gunned down their coworkers in San Bernadino and that is the way we should view them all.


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