Pit Bull Attack on 4 Year Old


Terrorism continues unabated in this country, whether committed by Muslims, the mentally insane, terrorist groups like BLM, or pit bull owners. On 12/1, a pack of pit bulls attacked a mother and her child while they were walking down the street in Detroit. The pit bulls tore the child from the mother and then tore it apart as she desperately tried to stop them.

Sound familiar? It ought to. This horrific scene has been replayed too many times across this country, and yet nothing ever gets done about it. As leaders crawl over each other to show their sympathy for every imaginable victim, they are exceptionally silent on this menace. These leaders who jump out at every opportunity to start gun restrictions won’t even address this problem. It doesn’t exist to them.

Pit Bull and other dog attacks need to make the evening news, but that won’t happen until some rich, powerful person is personally affected. Since Pit Bulls are only owned by low life scumbags who prowl the street, the upper crust doesn’t even notice that they exist.

It’s time to start treating pit bull owners as terrorists and attacking them with everything the law can bring. If that requires legislation against owning this breed, then that would be the logical place to start.

In this sad story, the owner is being charged with negligent homicide, but that seems too lenient. He purchased these dogs and let them run wild, with full knowledge of their potential capacity to murder anyone they encounter. Only a psychopath would ever adopt or own one of these beasts.

These dogs are extremely dangerous, volatile, uncontrollable weapons and as such, they should be banned from ownership.


2 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack on 4 Year Old

  1. I agree, whats worse is that not only are these dogs uncontrollable, volatile and dangerous., their Advocacy..,Animal Farm Foundation and Best Friends Society, and also The Huffington Post spends millions marketing them as sweet, misunderstood pets that are gentle with children, in fact, they will tell you they are used as Nanny Dogs, because of their gentle nature with children!!! They deny the dogs’ genetics, saying “Its all in how ya raise them” In fact, they deny the attacks, try to blame it on other breeds, the owners, the victims, the weather, etc. Their advocacy is very rich, all we can do is keep presenting facts and hope that people Stop adopting these dogs, stay away from the Humane society when looking for a dog. There are almost exclusively nothing but Pit Bull type dogs and mixes of them at the Humane Societies Nationwide. Even smaller dogs can be Pit Mixes. Kinda hard to tell sometimes, The shelter staff will not be honest with you, in fact, they often times mislabel these dogs as another breed just to get rid of them. Stay away from all Humane Societies if you really want a safe pet, go to a Qualified Purebred Breeder or a Purebred Rescue

  2. Thank you. My daughter is having her pit bull put to sleep Monday. She defended pit bulls adamantly and has pictures of her kids all over hers, but I gave her Daxton Friends and dogsbite.org pamphlets a few months ago. She just called crying and said the pit killed a neighbor’s dog and it was horrible, just horrible. She thought about a child being bitten and shaken like that dog and that was it. Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

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