More on the Rising Antisemitism of the Left

If you ride the T in Boston, more than likely you’ve noticed the rise of Antisemitism in town by witnessing some horrific banners plastered on the walls.

If you’ve been paying attention over the last 7 years, It may come as no surprise that the most liberal state in the nation would embrace such a horrible construct, particularly since the Nazi-like hatred has become an unstated and integral component in the Democrat National agenda.

As every day goes by, we are seeing the villainous goals of the left in this country……and they are frightening indeed. Pushing for more and more dangerous Muslim immigration while fostering hatred for Jews, illustrates their long term goal to push all Jews back to Israel where they can be contained and then destroyed.

As a child, I read about “Never again!”, but naively assumed that it meant that the world would never allow it to happen again, but I have since learned that most never bought in to it, especially the left in this country.

Just yesterday, the American Association of Anthropologists voted to create a resolution calling for boycott of Israeli Academic institutions, an action that can only be described as shockingly anti-Semitic. If you would like to address these pathetic excuses for human beings, you can start here:

Contact Name: Jeff Martin
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 571-483-1163

Who would have thought that fascism in America would come from the left?

Stay tuned for more on this subject.

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