Response to Terrorism Illustrates Mental Illness of Progressives

ISIS terrorists

Self-preservation is a natural instinct in humans and every other living thing on Earth that helps keep species alive, however we are witnessing a very strange phenomenon lately where the leaders of the extreme left are acting in ways that are counter to those very instincts.

After all the horrific terrorism we’ve seen over the last 50 years, which has been almost exclusively inflicted by the same group of people, Islamic fundamentalists, the lunatic fringe left has decided that what these psychopathic lunatics need is one big, loving hug. They have regressed to the point where they see the world in the same way that a kindergarten teacher views the classroom. In their childish, underdeveloped brains, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with just some understanding, tenderness and compassion because there are no bad kids. Now they are applying that same puerile view to terrorism and those that commit mass murder.

As any sane person knows, there are plenty of bad seeds, whether they are that way naturally or whether their upbringing made them that way. In Islam, you get both. The normal ones are trained to be psychos and the psychos flourish in their natural world, supported by a death cult posing as a religion.

What about the supposed moderates? Is there such a thing? When only 30 muslims showed up for a peace rally in Paris, one can only wonder about the fairy tale that is moderate Islam. When you have 80% of muslims in the UK supporting ISIS, how can you begin to believe in moderate Islam? Only the mind of a child would deny such facts and believe the story being stuffed down their throats by the liberal media.

By embracing Islam and all its insanity for the sake of political correctness and the practice of the new religion of the left known as Diversity, they are manipulating the world around them which may result in their own death and those that they love. If that isn’t an acceptable definition of insanity, then I don’t know what is.

As the majority of Americans have come to the logical conclusion that importing Syrians or muslims in general, is a very bad idea, the left has come out full force to insult and attempt to deride those that disagree with their suicidal, callous views on immigration. Their endless attacks on the reasonable are only undermining their support and turning the middle to the right. With each terrorist attack around the world, their stock goes down precipitously. We’ve had enough of children attempting to run this country and now it’s time for the adults to take it back and try and fix the damage. The first step is to stop all immigration for at least 5 years and deal with the problems that the current extreme progressive leadership has dealt us.



One thought on “Response to Terrorism Illustrates Mental Illness of Progressives

  1. Spot on- have been thinking the same thing myself, about the muslims, and all the dhimmi friends of mine who want to allow this BS. They won’t understand until they are forced into the showers for “delousing”……if they even get that far. I think their outlook stems from way too much complacency bred by too soft a lifestyle here in the US, removed from the reality of life in the Middle East/world. I REALLY don’t understand Jews going along with this mindset, considering the results of WWII , unless they feel they HAVE to comply with the dhimmi in order to be seen as liberal “progressives” (how I hate that term- means “Communist” to me…).

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