Animal Shelter Responsible for Rottweiler Attack


It’s hard to believe that shelters can even get insurance these days when they continually flood the local community with dangerous dogs.

In my area, we have the typical humane society center that is literally overflowing with pitbulls that are abandoned by all the lowlife pitbull owners once they decide that they need a hit of heroin more than their dog needs food.

Any shelter that is run by an intelligent, caring individual would immediately put down any dangerous dog (i.e. ALL pitbulls), but none do because they are generally run by mentally ill people who can’t see the danger right in their face and don’t care about the people that are taking these menaces home.

In Tennessee, one man stupidly adopted a 5 year old Rottweiller, another dog only owned by misanthropic lunatics, was attacked and killed only a few hours after he brought it home. Had this man brought home a nice, gentle dog, he’d still be alive and walking the dog every day. Unfortunately, he chose poorly and was pretty much eaten alive. The dog was terminated afterwards, but I’m sure the shelter desperately wanted to save it so that they could send it back out to some other unsuspecting pack of dolts.

Until shelters cease and desist from unleashing these dangerous animals back out on the street, we all need to stop donating to them.


3 thoughts on “Animal Shelter Responsible for Rottweiler Attack

  1. I agree 100%. Stopped donating to them several years ago. Not only do they push Pits and other dangerous dogs on an innocent public, they mislabel them, calling them “Lab” mixes”, “terrier Mixes” Boxers, or any other label except Pit Bull, in an effort to get people to adopt them. Instead of truthfully informing adopters about the “downside of these dogs” such as they have killed almost 500 people, they will almost surely kill other animals and should not be around other animals, 80 people a month on average are hurt badly enough that they are admitted to the hospital, 75 kids have been killed by them in the last 3 1/2 years, and no matter how well you raise it, train it and love it, there is no guarantee that it won’t turn aggressive and attack at any given time even after years of ownership. You need to keep breaksticks handy to pry its jaws open if it does attack. Not a good Pet for small kids at all. What they will tell you is “It’s all in how ya raise em”, “they used to be Nanny dogs because of their gentle nature with kids,” “they used to be Americas Favorite Dog” “They are misunderstood and have a bad rap because of the press,” “They are loving, loyal dogs” Many, Many dogs adopted out of shelters, Pit Bulls anyway, have attacked, the numbers are increasing. If you get a Pit from a shelter, you don’t know its history, why it was surrendered, if its from another State, if its been fighting? They will not be honest with you.
    Shelter Employees carry on about the joys of owning these dogs. They will become very defensive if you quote statistics, or dare to say anything “negative” about these dogs. They will call you a Nazi, Hater, and make you feel as if you just violated some Federal discrimination Law. But there are no such laws, only in the minds of these brain washed sub human owners and and advocates. But they operate pretty much on the same level as their dogs, by bullying, trying to make people afraid to speak up. They are The Dog Mafia!
    Want to get a nice Pet dog.?…Stay away from the shelters, decide what breed you want and go to a Quality Purebred Breeder or Purebred Rescue.

  2. Shelters need to shift their focus from the never ending circle of dangerous dog rescue and move to the solution………..Breed Specific Legislation in the form of spay/neuter……..Our shelters are flooded with an excess of 65% pit bull population from a type of dog that only accounts for 7% of the dog population……..Under these circumstances you would expect to see this type of dog to have the best spay/neuter rate instead pit bulls have the worst spay/neuter rate at 20% or less. There is no rescue for these dogs under these circumstance, rescue is simply chasing their own tail in a never ending circle of danger and death………If you are a true animal advocate support BSL in the form of S/N………The focus should be on public safety not how many dangerous dogs have been placed in a home only to kill….

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