Pit Bull Attack with a Sad Ending

Pitbull Karma

I know, they all have sad endings, but this one didn’t even include a human.

Three Pit Bulls encountered a porcupine, and the results were rather predictable as you can see in the photo. The irresponsible owner, Dennis Mazur, a social worker from Craven, Saskatchewan, who clearly has neither the heart nor intelligence to be caring for humans, had to shell out about $5k in vet bills to save these dangerous beasts.

The other not so surprising news is that he started a GoFundMe account. Well, the sociopaths couldn’t give fast enough to bring these killers back to fighting form, donating over $15k in a matter of a few days. Do these people have no conscience at all?

The sad ending is that all three dogs are in stable condition and are expected to make a full recovery and the owner will turn a tidy profit. Now that is a tragedy.



8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack with a Sad Ending

  1. Pit bulls are one breed of many domesticated dogs; Some pit bulls are dangerous due to bad breeding and or training; The dogs here were pit bulls, Ergo these dogs were dangerous, Right?

    Your rant is noted and dismissed. Have a good day.

    1. Unfortunately Gerry, you’re one of those insanely stupid people who will never get it. All Pit Bulls are dangerous and pose a direct threat to society. Their owners are nothing more than low life bullies.

      1. I’m not sure about your jurisdiction, but “Pit Bull” is not recognized by the Canadian Breeders or Kennel clubs as a defined breed. So how do we pick out the “Pit Bulls” and leave the others alone?

      2. So if something is difficult, it should be abandoned? Nice philosophy you’ve got there. By the way, I really couldn’t care less what any breeders or kennel clubs would have to say in defense of these beasts. Any organization that defends the breed or puts them back on the street is a terrorist organization.

      3. If a responsible authority such as police or animal control official is expected to exercise his delegated powers to seize and destroy a whole breed of animal, then there must be clear, concise and accurate description of the breed. I am suggesting that because it is difficult, as you said, then the officials must have the confidence which results from the knowledge that their actions are sanctioned and supported by scientific study and cold logic. Especially in your country where ownership of property is the ne plus ultra of individual rights and freedoms. Law enforcement personnel will find it difficult to seize private property without deep moral grounding that the action was right and proper on every level

        Who else other than breeders and kennel clubs are qualifed to say what is or is not an example of any given breed? I believe that in your country, there is an accepted definition (written by those horrible kennel clubs and breeders). So get your buddies together, vote in an animal control officer in your jurisdiction who feels as you do, and Bob’s your uncle, right? Should be a right giggle seizing all those animals, and finding veterinarians willing to perform the euthanizations. Or did you plan to do it yourself? Or more to the point, do you plan to continue writing your diatribes and perform no concrete actions?

        In the jurisdiction where I live, all so-called “pit bulls” have been required to wear muzzles when in public, and all males were to be neutered. This has been in effect for about 10 years, and has just been repealed. Why? because the measures appeared to have no effect whatsoever on the statistics of attacks by any breed of dog on anyone or anything.

        In closing, please be advised that I am not insanely stupid (I am a Mensa member), and my philosophy and character are rooted in a strong moral upbringing, religious instruction, service to others – in the military, civil service, and Lions Clubs. I don’t just bitch and moan, I get out and do things.

      4. The first rule of Mensa club is never talking about Mensa club. Consider the BS flag raised on that and your ridiculous story on neutering having no effect.

      5. YOU are the ignorant lowlife scumbag in this situation. How DARE you post this piece of garbage. Maybe people like you need to be put down…it would make the world a much better place don’t you think? We don’t need anymore idiots in this world don’t you agree? My pitbull nearly beaten to death by his previous owner and he was used as a fighting dog, we rescued him off the streets because his owner did not want him anymore because he was TOO NICE. And he is the best dog I have ever owned, even better and nicer than my golden retriever. He is the most tolerant and well mannered dog. And the neighborhood children come over to play with him every day and he lets them jump all over him and tug at his ears and tail and probably even hurt him by accident a little. But he doesn’t budge or even bare his teeth. ANY dog can be made into a mean and violent dog if the owner was mean and violent…it is NOT the dogs fault. Every dog EXPERT has said that Pitbulls have always been family dogs…much like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. So you and your uninformed opinion can go to hell.

  2. Any word if the porcupine survived? Too bad one of the spines didn’t pierce anything vital. Saw a vid where a poor leopard died that way.

    @Gerry I do believe that was sarcasm. Pitbull is NOT a breed, it is a type. Funny how pitbull advocates can’t identify their own ‘breed’. I always find it funny that they so no one can identify the ‘breed’, that the breed doesn’t exist, yet they fight and threaten to protect the ‘bread’.
    Anyone can identify a lab, a husky, a rottweiler, a pomeranian, etc. Even within breed types we can identify the differences. You put a line of different spitz breeds together, I bet most people can identify the difference. Yet for some reason you guys think no one can identify an ugly block headed, wide chested monstrosity. I mean, these dogs have a pretty distinct head and build. How can you not identify them?

    @ You’re a Dumbass Dog Expert? Do you mean Animal Farms payroll? Please. These dogs never were family pets. There are newpaper articles from victorian times that laments how stupid (former) owners are for keeping them as pets. After the dog has ripped their late owner apart.

    Hell, your own experts have retracted the nanny dog myth. Oh, and ASPCA is backtracking on the SAFER test because too many pits are attacking AFTER they passed it. It’s only a matter of time before they get the crap sued out of them.

    So much for your experts. Your ‘experts’ have sections on their websites about crate and rotate, break sticks, excerpts about animal/dog aggression, pitbulls should not be taken to dog parks, the list goes on and on and on…..How are those normal family dogs? I don’t have to do any of them with any of the breeds/mutts I have and have had.

    I’m sure when some rich person gets attacked, we’ll see your experts sued. Then they’ll really back pedal.

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