Is Apple too Avaricious?


During the third quarter of 2015, Apple disclosed that its cash and investment holdings had risen to the staggering sum of $206 billion.

$206 billion fucking dollars!!

With all the crazy social pressure on everyone to do the right thing, why isn’t there any pressure on Apple to act in a similar fashion? We all know what a terrible Scrooge Jobs was, but he’s gone, so why not start forcing Apple to give a little back to the world?

Tim Cook is quick to jump out and whine about all sorts of social inequities and perceived racism/sexism/whateverism, yet he never puts his money where his mouth is. Maybe that’s why Jobs picked him to take the reins. He knew that Cook would be as selfish and miserly as him. He succeeded at being penurious even in death.

So, until that happens, maybe it’s time to boycott Apple and stop adding to their coffers. Engage the Twitterazzi machine! #sharethewealthapple #makeapplegive


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