Yes, Bernie, We’re All Tired


Well, Bernie Sanders has just turned out to be another groveling sycophant to Hillary. When the topic of Hillary’s clandestine email server came up, which of course she vehemently denied and obfuscated like a true scam artist, Bernie jumped to her defense, screaming in his crazy way (albeit with a new manicured look to appeal to the normal crowd), “We’re all tired of hearing about those damn emails!!”

It was reminiscent of Admiral Stockdale yelling “gridlock!!”

Yes, Bernout, we are definitely tired of hearing about the emails and the illegal server, but we will stop being tired when she is brought to trial for breach of national security. Unfortunately, we all know that isn’t going to happen, so we’ll continue to make noise and call for justice. Let’s use the old metaphor of all of us swinging at windmills. Is that so wrong, Bernie? Your entire public persona is a caricature of St. Bernie (patron saint of the bottom feeders I believe) on a steed swinging the sword of justice at the evil rich in this country.

Frankly, we’re very tired of your old shtick, too, but at least we’re not yelling like a lunatic.

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