Should WW TDI Owners Park Their Cars Until the Fix?

Das Paria

I was following a WV Jetta TDI Wagon yesterday and the thought came to my mind that I was following the equivalent of 40 polluting cars all rolled in to one, and I was breathing all those toxic fumes. I started to get a little pissed off about it.

I understand the owner’s frustration at having found that VW cheated them, us and the environment on a massive level, but until those criminals are brought to justice and the vehicles are fixed, maybe the owners should share the burden of responsibility and help the rest of us.

Clearly, these cars should not be on the road since they do not pass inspection and pose a massive threat to the health of the population. If the owners of these cars have a social and/or environmental conscience, then they should not use their vehicles during this time. If not, then they are hypocrites at the very least.

Of course, maybe we could appeal to their consciences in a lighthearted manner by leaving them a reminder of what they are doing and how they can put a stop to it. Feel free to print this business card and put it on their windshields.


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