Fanboys for the Freak

Angry Man

The movie hasn’t even been released and the sycophantic nut jobs are already screaming about lies and slander against a man who was clearly a sociopath and a truly despicable human being.

On Friday, Universal Pictures will release the new movie, “Steve Jobs”. Based on the biography that was written by Walter Isaacson with direct input from the turtlenecked twit himself, the picture is an accurate representation of how Steve Jobs treated people around him.

Even Steve Wozniak felt that the film was a very accurate portrayal of Jobs, and since he was the closest to him for the longest period of time, we should defer to him, not the few hangers on who claim to have known Jobs. His wife, who has declared her disapproval of the film without actually disproving any of its claims, has obviously done so to feign some form of opposition for PR purposes. What she should do is start some form of public awareness campaign to stop dickheads like Jobs from bullying and hurting people.

In a way, Jobs is the perfect embodiment of the decline of our society, with its celebration of achievement without any regard to character. Jobs certainly succeeded extraordinarily, but he was without any positive character traits. A society which understands the importance of character and social responsibilities would vilify this man and place him in the “dishonored” column.

I’m looking forward to the movie and I hope that the world of Jobs adoring dolts out there wake up and see the monster that he really was and that he should be reviled and not revered.


One thought on “Fanboys for the Freak

  1. Just like Martin Luther King- had a long record of domestic violence, did drugs, and whores by the hour – black saint- it’s pathetic that he is the best they can come up with as a model.

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