Spare the Narcan

needle and spoon

CVS just gave an early Christmas present to all current and future heroin addicts, announcing that naloxone , aka Narcan, will now be available for over the counter purchase at all of their stores in 12 states.

Now all those brain dead zombies out there can prolong their worthless lives and maintain an endless siphon of public funds as they go from one overdose to another. We can also look forward to more and more crime as they continue their perpetual pursuit of drug money. The explosion of heroin abuse has created numerous negative side effects, and they’re not just limited to the big cities. Even rural America is seeing massive increases in crime.

In 2013, the last year of a full report, 8,257 people died of heroin overdose, but that number is expected to be much, much higher for 2015 considering the skyrocketing usage rates of heroin in this country. So, essentially, we have that much more of a problem to look forward to and a drug abusing population that is less worried about dying from drug abuse and more willing to push the limit. It will also be more inviting to those who previously may have had enough brain cells to realize the insanity of ever trying heroin.

As tragic as their deaths may be to family and friends, these addicts are of no value to society and it’s a simple argument to say that they are a drain on everyone, particularly when you study the health and social costs.

What If all these losers lived to go on shooting up forevermore, living between visits to CVS to resupply with that death-defying dose of naloxone? With the growing popularity of heroin, further fed by the growing joblessness and subsequent poverty in this country, the numbers will only increase to the point where even the most bleeding heart will may cry “stop the madness!”

So, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and that goes for seemingly altruistic endeavors such as trying to save the lives of even the lowest forms of life. Save the life of an addict and it affects the good people in a much greater way. Grandma can look forward to getting robbed and beaten from some useless doper who was just saved by these feckless, thoughtless idiots. Whatever happened to the concept of the greater good? This does not meet the criteria and should be abandoned, but we know how the whining empaths would react to that news.


Yes, Bernie, We’re All Tired


Well, Bernie Sanders has just turned out to be another groveling sycophant to Hillary. When the topic of Hillary’s clandestine email server came up, which of course she vehemently denied and obfuscated like a true scam artist, Bernie jumped to her defense, screaming in his crazy way (albeit with a new manicured look to appeal to the normal crowd), “We’re all tired of hearing about those damn emails!!”

It was reminiscent of Admiral Stockdale yelling “gridlock!!”

Yes, Bernout, we are definitely tired of hearing about the emails and the illegal server, but we will stop being tired when she is brought to trial for breach of national security. Unfortunately, we all know that isn’t going to happen, so we’ll continue to make noise and call for justice. Let’s use the old metaphor of all of us swinging at windmills. Is that so wrong, Bernie? Your entire public persona is a caricature of St. Bernie (patron saint of the bottom feeders I believe) on a steed swinging the sword of justice at the evil rich in this country.

Frankly, we’re very tired of your old shtick, too, but at least we’re not yelling like a lunatic.