Vindicated Brady Should Go After Goodell

A certain level of vindication has been won in the agregious treatment of Tom Brady by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his co-conspirators, Harbaugh and Pagano.

With a federal judge laughing off the stupidity of Goodell and his vendetta against Brady by vacating the suspension, it now becomes important for Brady to press the matter and restore his legacy by suing the fucking pants off Goodell for defamation of character.

Clearly, there was no evidence of any involvement by Brady. Ted Wells created an attack based on nothing more than lies, which was really a veiled attempt at making up for the NFL leadership’s lack of action on actual douchebags like:

Ray Rice

John Boyett

Jonathan Dwyer

Greg Hardy

Orson Charles

Darren Sharper

Once this is complete, the NFL should fire Goodell on the spot and the good folks up in Scarborough, Maine should run the bastard out of town.

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