More Idiocy from Microsoft


I just upgraded to Windows 10 and after a few days, I am mostly impressed with the experience. It’s fast, visually pleasing, and easy to use.


When I tried to play Solitaire this morning, I found out that you now have to pay for it. After offering it for free for who knows how many years, the evil empire has decided to charge for one of the most basic applications. This is a perfect example of undoing an incredible amount of positive work with one stupid, greedy act.

Software makers seem to think that there is an endless stream of cash out there to fleece from the public. SAAS (software as a service) has become the mantra of companies, slowly siphoning cash from the public in slightly more incremental amounts. A dollar here, 5 or ten dollars a month there, and people are having way too much of their hard earned income sucked right out of them.

Microsoft has joined the fray at the very bottom and created a public relations nightmare during an extremely important time in its life. The competition is eating their lunch as users flock to competitors for almost everything and the survival of MS is becoming more tenuous with each passing year. During such a difficult period, it would behoove MS to stay out of the gutter and offer this application for free without any ads.


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