Obama Puts Drug Dealers Back on the Street

crack pipe

Like any sane parent, I was horrified to see Obama’s latest action: pardoning 48 drug dealers so that they can be sent back out on the streets to wreak havoc on our children.

In an age where our children face an ever increasing number of threats from society in all its most evil forms, the president has decided that these drug dealers who are responsible for countless deaths and destroyed lives, are to be released because he felt their sentences were too harsh.

What could possibly be too harsh about long sentences for murdering people with drugs?

These people are a danger to society, constantly trying to create new customers out of our children. They are predators that should be treated with the most contempt possible and given prison sentences that are commensurate with their contempt for humanity.

With a national recidivism rate of 2/3, most of these criminals will be back out there pushing deadly drugs on society in no time. Dealers are one of the most dangerous threats to society and this president thinks they’re future leaders and not “hardened criminals”. Could he be any more out of touch with reality?

Like many, I wonder if this president is even capable of making a good decision, because his legacy is one of incomprehensible incompetence.


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