Fare Thee Well, Indeed


I just finished watching the Grateful Dead’s Farewell concert series and came away very disappointed.

First of all, we know the whole idea of anything “final” is a joke, because Bob Weir will be back on tour with some other band to be named before you know it.

The real fraud of the concert series was Trey Anastasio, front man for Phish, who was absolutely horrible as lead guitarist and sit-in for the long-departed Jerry Garcia. He ain’t no Jerry, that’s for sure. There is no beauty in Trey’s playing style, and to see him trying to cover for the legend was rather painful. If you’ve ever put yourself through the agony of listening to Phish, you know exactly what I mean. Extremely poor music with the worst lyrics ever written is how I would describe them. This pretty much sums Phish up perfectly.

It’s a shame that Bruce Hornsby’s contributions were so muted, because he has worked with the Dead many times over the years and has always been a bonus when he’s involved, but this time his playing could barely be heard and his microphone wasn’t amped enough.

Seeing Bill Walton bobbing and weaving in the audience was a funny sidenote.

On a final note, I guess the Dead decided to go all out and financially rape their fans by charging up to $200 a ticket and $17 a beer. Nice touch.

Peace out.


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