PC Depravity

What would you think of a married father of three who planned to travel across country to meet a male prostitute?

Any normal thinking person would write him off as a low-life, cheating dirtbag who should be exposed as such, but not the twitterati PC crowd. Oh no, they hailed him as some kind of hero, because if you’re gay, you can do anything these days if you fall under the demographic umbrella of the rainbow flag.

Recently, Gawker published an article about the CEO of Conde Nast, David Geithner, brother of Timothy Geitner and a married father of three, who was planning to travel to Chicago to meet a gay porn star for sex. According to the article, he was ready to pay $2500 for the encounter, a princely sum for a quick poke with a dude who has a high probability of disease.

The depraved PC world went ballistic, attacking the editor of Gawker and accusing him of hate crimes for reporting the truth about a philandering piece of crap.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted: “I’m a fan of Gawker & several of its journalists, but that article is reprehensible beyond belief: it’s deranged to publish that.” This is what is left of journalism. Even so-called journalists refuse to report the truth.

“This guy is not an antigay politician whose hypocrisy needs to be outed. Why would anyone care if he wants to hire an escort?” wrote reader Mike Johnson of Los Angeles on Gawker’s Facebook page. This is the perfect quote to show the twisted logic and underlying hate that has become so pervasive among the left in this country. Let me translate for you: “If this guy was a conservative, then it would be just fine to put him on the front page, but since he’s one of us, he should be protected.” Hiring an escort is against the law whether it’s male or female, and as such it constitutes news.

I am no longer shocked at how incredibly ignorant Americans have become and how their brains simply can’t process anything in a detached, logical manner anymore. In this case, where they should take the side of the family who is most likely devastated by the actions of this pervert, they instead defend him and raise his status to gay hero. Absolutely nuts.

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