Pit Bull Pinhead Parents

While commuting the other day, I found this idiot in front of me. Sporting a “My Pit Bull is Family” sticker on the back, I knew immediately that the individual was a complete moron, a horrible parent, and a danger to society, but more immediately, a direct threat to her own children.

I could see a kid in the back seat playing around and I just thought about what these uncaring, callous, poor excuses for parents are doing to that child, exposing her to a level of danger that can only be classified as psychotic. In the deluded, insane mind of a Pit Bull owner, attacks only happen to other kids somewhere out there in the ether, and as they most likely think, it was the fault of the child for picking on the poor, loving, family-oriented Pit Bull.

While I am certainly not an advocate of State adoption of children in arguably benign situations, I think this is an area of concern and should be addressed in any type of parental judgment. These parents have shown such blatant disregard for the well-being of their children that it clearly illustrates that they are unfit to have children in their homes.

What would you think if a parent kept loaded handguns around the house for kids to play with? You’d think they were completely insane and should have their children removed from the premises immediately, right? Having a Pit Bull in the house is even more insane because in that situation, the gun literally does kill people on its own volition.

Here’s a twist on the old bumper sticker. “Guns don’t kill people. Pit Bulls do.”

As a parent, if you’re allowing your kid to go to another kid’s house, the first question out of your mouth before he or she leaves should be, “Do they have a Pit Bull?” If the answer is yes, then your answer must always be NO.

These people are pariahs and must be treated as such by not associating with them.


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