No Encore Please


While driving to work today, my eyes were assaulted with another offensive offering from Detroit: The Buick Encore. While this thing has been on the market for a few years now, this is the first one that I’ve ever seen in person. Clearly, these don’t sell very well here and it’s pretty obvious as to why. This is the current front runner for ugly American vehicles and that’s a very impressive title when you look at some of the other incredibly grotesque offerings.

Looking like a steroid injected Chevy Spark, this crossover SUV makes the viewer almost throw up and long for the Detroit of the 70s. It’s that bad. A 1972 Ford Torino looks beautiful next to this pile of crap.

The humor in this is that Buick is actually attempting to compete with the Audi Q3, and while the Q3 is no styling gem, at least it’s decent looking and has a degree of balance and athleticism in its design. The Encore looks like an automotive klutz and dangerous to drive due to its topheavy, rollover prone appearance. The lines are compacted with no grace at all and the sheet metal rising up in the rear end obviously reduces visibility drastically, so even practicality was tossed out the window.

You can almost smell death circling Buick. With their reputation for dismal quality, poor design and exceptionally bad resale value, I’m amazed that there are still enough idiots out there buying their garbage to keep them afloat.

If there is to be an encore, Buick should hire some German automotive designers and start from scratch.


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