Mayhem at Marcy’s Diner in Maine

Marcy's Diner sign

Like everyone else, I have been reading the news from Portland, Maine and enjoying the chuckles of a ridiculously overblown event. If you haven’t read about it, here’s the gist:

A young tourist couple with a small child stopped in for breakfast one morning at a very small restaurant on a very busy day for the establishment. These “parents” let their child scream for 40 minutes while they completely ignored it, much to the dismay of everyone else in the restaurant. After being told to leave, they continued to sit there and ruin everyone’s breakfast. Finally, the owner of the restaurant came over and yelled at them to shut their kid up.

The majority of people were impressed with the owner’s chutzpah and supported her online in FB and elsewhere, but there were smatterings of disapproval from the permanently offended crowd who thought that she was mean to these poor excuses for parents.

Darla Neugebauer, the owner of Marcy’s, did not shy away from the controversy and appeared on TV in her own defense. She was unapologetic and totally forthcoming about the incident, unlike the mother of the screaming infant.

Tara Carson, the inattentive and thoughtless mother, turns out to be a marketer from New York and has attempted to use her quite unimpressive skills to sway the tide in her favor, but alas, she failed miserably, churning out what might be described as an insincere pablum in the Washingon Post.

“I’ll never forget the look on my baby’s face,” she drooled in her article. Maybe because that was the first time she’d looked at the kid since she sat down 40 minutes before.

“It was then that I turned to my daughter and said calmly, “This is exactly how I’m raising you not to be.””. Exactly. She’s going to raise her child to be a thoughtless, self-centered twit just like mommy.

“We then paid the bill, tipped the waitress 25 percent and left.” This one is impossible to believe. Why would she state the percentage? To assuage her guilt of leaving nothing and trying to look generous.

Notice the photo of the two candidates for parents of the year in the WP op-ed. Doesn’t she look like a down-to-earth caring mother? Is this the same picture that she sent to the casting call for The Real Housewives of New Jersey? I can see why the child was ignored. She and her husband were most likely too busy taking selfies and applying makeup.

I for one, look forward to dining at Marcy’s on my next trip to Portland.

Note to Darla Neugebauer: You should create an online tshirt store and start taking advantage of this short term fame. Maybe something like:

“Marcy’s Diner – Sit down and shut up!”

“Marcy’s Diner – We don’t serve or take any crap”

You get the idea.




Obama Puts Drug Dealers Back on the Street

crack pipe

Like any sane parent, I was horrified to see Obama’s latest action: pardoning 48 drug dealers so that they can be sent back out on the streets to wreak havoc on our children.

In an age where our children face an ever increasing number of threats from society in all its most evil forms, the president has decided that these drug dealers who are responsible for countless deaths and destroyed lives, are to be released because he felt their sentences were too harsh.

What could possibly be too harsh about long sentences for murdering people with drugs?

These people are a danger to society, constantly trying to create new customers out of our children. They are predators that should be treated with the most contempt possible and given prison sentences that are commensurate with their contempt for humanity.

With a national recidivism rate of 2/3, most of these criminals will be back out there pushing deadly drugs on society in no time. Dealers are one of the most dangerous threats to society and this president thinks they’re future leaders and not “hardened criminals”. Could he be any more out of touch with reality?

Like many, I wonder if this president is even capable of making a good decision, because his legacy is one of incomprehensible incompetence.

Fare Thee Well, Indeed


I just finished watching the Grateful Dead’s Farewell concert series and came away very disappointed.

First of all, we know the whole idea of anything “final” is a joke, because Bob Weir will be back on tour with some other band to be named before you know it.

The real fraud of the concert series was Trey Anastasio, front man for Phish, who was absolutely horrible as lead guitarist and sit-in for the long-departed Jerry Garcia. He ain’t no Jerry, that’s for sure. There is no beauty in Trey’s playing style, and to see him trying to cover for the legend was rather painful. If you’ve ever put yourself through the agony of listening to Phish, you know exactly what I mean. Extremely poor music with the worst lyrics ever written is how I would describe them. This pretty much sums Phish up perfectly.

It’s a shame that Bruce Hornsby’s contributions were so muted, because he has worked with the Dead many times over the years and has always been a bonus when he’s involved, but this time his playing could barely be heard and his microphone wasn’t amped enough.

Seeing Bill Walton bobbing and weaving in the audience was a funny sidenote.

On a final note, I guess the Dead decided to go all out and financially rape their fans by charging up to $200 a ticket and $17 a beer. Nice touch.

Peace out.