F-35 Gets Spanked by F-16

F-35 JSF

A trillion dollars later and it’s still inferior to one of our oldest operational fighters. China probably won’t copy it now even after they went to all that trouble to steal it.

I bet there are some promotions coming in the AF!


Dumb Enough for the Color Run?


As a previous avid runner who had to give up running for health reasons (I wanted to be able to walk at 70), I am shocked and amazed at the popularity of the color run. I personally ran to lose weight and improve my health, and breathing in things like smoke, cement dust, aerosols and cornstarch was quite obviously to be avoided.

A few years back, along came the professional hucksters who concocted a way to make money off the dimwitted by undermining the local fundraising races by hosting for-profit, lung-endangering, color fests known as The Color Run. The attraction to a race like this from sub-10 yr olds would be understandable, but from adults supposedly educated about their personal health, it’s a bit difficult to comprehend.

I witnessed a recent color run in my area and was horrified to see clouds of colored cornstarch being pierced by a sea of runners who couldn’t help but breathe in gobs of cornstarch. And they were all gleefully holding their hands up like children running through a lawn sprinkler. Anyone who says “Americans are smarter than you think” is a complete idiot. Clearly, these runners are too stupid to even take care of themselves.

Here’s a section from the material data safety sheet from the Toxic Use Reduction Sheet.

What does this mean?
While cornstarch is commonly used in cooking, you should avoid eating or drinking large quantities of cornstarch. Do not get cornstarch dust in your eyes. Avoid inhaling cornstarch dust when using. If one of these exposures happens, provide treatment as indicated. If irritation continues, contact your physician.


That sounds pretty straightforward to me. Don’t do it and definitely DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS! Young, developing lungs certainly don’t need this toxic blast.

For a final example to argue against this stupidity, just hope that the clouds don’t explode as they did in Taiwan: