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CNN Cover image

The other day, CNN had a cover image on their website trying to scare people as per their standard MO, but this time the topic was domestic terrorism, and they were focusing on the top threats to US citizens.

Well, of course it would be Islamic terrorism, right? Considering that 99% of the terrorist actions being committed globally are attributable to Islam, how could it not be?

Not at CNN. They’re back to their old tricks of trying to identify right wing groups as the top threats in the U.S., stating in the most ludicrous manner that these groups are more dangerous than jihadis. Flashback: They initially blamed the Boston Marathon bombings on right wing groups. Also note that both of these clearly deceptive articles were written by Peter Bergen, an extreme leftist posing as an unbiased journalist.

Globally, Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 25,000 attacks since 9/1/2001. In March, they completed 244 attacks, resulting in 2076 critically injured and 1975 murdered people. Right wing groups couldn’t even be laughingly considered JV squads compared to those kinds of organizations.

Our country continues to suffer an invasion from the south due to our porous borders. Combined with the unexplainable appeal of ISIS to an ever increasing number of sociopathic Muslims, it becomes a matter of when, not if, the US starts seeing greater numbers of terrorist attacks along the lines of the Boston Marathon bombers. With the increasing number of FBI interventions that we are seeing, one can only wonder how many are getting through and when they will strike.

CNN will probably report it as youths involved in workplace violence, because it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Islam.




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