Good God What a Fraud

Hillary in the know

In the latest episode of the Hillary Goes to Iowa adventure, she stages a chummy sit-down with complete strangers….err….I mean not really close personal friends of Hilly’s.

Three closely tied Democratic operatives pose as ordinary Iowans and sit down at a restaurant to chat it up with the people’s candidate. Unfortunately, it looks like the video has been pulled from the YouTube account, so we can’t witness the absolute ridiculousness of the interaction with these commoners. She only seems hell bent on proving the gullibility of Americans in this campaign of dishonesty.

In the clip are three randomly chosen folks:

  • Former Clinton intern, Austin Bird
  • U of Iowa College Democrat President, Carter Bell
  • Planned Parenthood employee, Sara Sedlacek

Even the mayor, also the Executive Director of the Democratic Party, was in the shop. You just can’t get more spontaneous than that.

Hilly is about as far from “folksy” as you can get, earning in excess of $200,000 per speaking engagment. What’s that, an hourly rate of $100k? Not much more than minimum wage.

Her disdain for the commoners has always been evident, but in her extreme elder years (born in 1947!), she is becoming less opaque. And she sure as hell isn’t going to let something like transparency and truth get in the way of her quest for total power.

Just in case you think she really has any interest in dealing with the common folk in the real world, check the differences between how she treats the media and how her opponent does. This is no endorsement of Rubio, but at least he comes across as a human being.





One thought on “Good God What a Fraud

  1. You have that right- this currently trying to be one of the common man is such a fucking stage play- she ‘s a fucking socialist , always has been. The Secret Service hates her supposedly- she treated them like shit.

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