The Tyranny of Extortionware


Recently, I found the need to upgrade my Photoshop software as it is quite out of date and I needed to work on a file that required a minimum version of CS6, so I looked for the latest version to purchase.

I was aware that Adobe offered their software via a subscription service, but I mistakenly assumed that the desktop versions were still available. Wrong. Adobe has adopted a subscription based business model that seeks to suck every last available dollar from their clients. Like some shady drug dealer, they get you hooked on the product and then they send their prices through the roof, leaving you with an addiction that you must feed at any price.

So, if you want to use their software, which unfortunately is still the best available, you have to sign up and pay an exorbitant monthly fee in perpetuity. Miss a payment and you’re dead in the water. You won’t be able to even open up your own artwork. For the use of Creative Suite, they currently charge $50/month. Like most, I would rather pay a single payment and never have to worry again that I won’t be able to edit and create down the road should there be a hiccup in income.

I’m hoping that somebody releases a truly competitive product in the near future, because I, along with most current customers, will jump off the Adobe ship in a heartbeat. And I look forward to seeing these blood sucking vampires biting the dust.

Maybe Jobs was right in his hatred of Adobe.


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