Style Over Substance

New MacBook

Apple has just released the new MacBook. It’s not the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, just MacBook. Pretty exciting, right? Apple lemmings are debating wildly on the true meaning of the word these days while they walk in circles around their shiny new religious icon, marveling at its beauty, thinness and light weight.

It’s definitely true that Apple has totally outclassed its competitors when it comes to physical design of laptops. My MacBook Pro is 4 years old and I still think it’s a strikingly beautiful design, even though it weighs as much as a modern desktop and takes 10 minutes to boot up with Yosemite.

Where Apple has succeeded in hardware design, it has failed equally in software design, but then Newton knew this and Apple acknowledged it so many years ago with their biggest failure.

Finder is still a joke with the look and feel of some simplistic program written by a college student in the 80’s. That’s one of the few areas where Windows completely pummels OSX.

iMovie has been rendered almost useless with its sluggishness and the developers’ lame attempts at sleek, intuitive design, which it lacks in spades.

Apple has certainly passed the apex of its design lifetime. They’ve begun their slow descent down the backside of the parabola while fully embracing incremental refinement mode as they no longer produce high quality innovative products inside and out. They gloss up the exterior and let the core decompose, but that’s a common occurrence with many companies. It’s not easy staying on top, and without a sociopathic nut job whipping employees on a daily basis, the company is flailing. It’s become very obvious that Tim Cook is not a good choice as CEO. He might be an excellent middle manager where keeping the ship going straight is required, but in an industry where innovation and excellence need to be the mantra constantly replaying in your brain, he just doesn’t cut it.

The need for revolution is not limited to governments and Apple needs to start thinking about one.


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