Toxic Lunches for Kids


I was shopping at the grocery store the other day with my daughter when we came upon Lunchables, those self-contained meals in a box. She wanted me to buy them because she sees so many other kids eating these at school. Some, she said, eat these things every single day of the week.

Knowing that these must be total crap, I took a look at the ingredients of the Kabob Lunchables and even I was shocked. Did they miss any chemicals? It looks like Kraft threw the laboratory’s kitchen sink in to this vile excuse for food.

Look at this ingredient list and try not to throw up.



What kind of parent would give this inedible, toxic garbage to their children? And we wonder why there are so many health problems in our society. Maybe not poisoning your children with chemicals disguised as food just might be a start to a healthier population.


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