Samsung Slips Up

Samsung Galaxy S6

It looks like Samsung may have made a major mistake in their latest release of the Galaxy S6.

One of the reasons I’ve been such a big fan of the Galaxy series is the flexibility that it gives to the owner. Rather than taking the tyrannical road that Apple has with the iPhone, where the owner has to go see some “genius” and shell out big cash for basic things like memory and battery replacement, the Galaxy allowed the user to open the back up and make these simple upgrades themselves. And cheaply.

They even added waterproofing to the S5 version. That clearly clinched first place for Samsung in the mobile world.

Unfortunately, with the release of the S6, they removed 3 of the best features of the phone. The S6 is no longer waterproof and lacks accessible components, thus shackling the customer in to that horrible Apple-like economic model designed to scrape every last cent from their customer’s pockets.

The sad fact is that this is all due to tech reviewers reaching for anything to try and make the iPhone look better, and the only thing they could really dig their heels in on was the metal frame of the iPhone. I personally considered it to be a negative. Adding weight and bulkiness to a phone that was only going to become even bulkier with the necessary case, did not strike me as remotely positive. Add that to a closed environment and an inferior, tired user experience, the Galaxy has enjoyed a clear advantage for years. With the S6, Samsung has thrown in the towel and bowed down to an inferior product, and it will likely make their sagging sales that much worse.

I think I’ll hang on to my perfect S5 for quite a while longer.


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