Keurig Inventor Lives with Regret

Keurig trash

It’s nice to know that the inventor of the worst product of the last 20 years has realized his error and has publicly stated such.

John Sylvan, the inventor of the K-Cup, that insidious little device that has created mountains of plastic trash worldwide, admitted to feeling regret for bringing his demon in to the world. Unfortunately, he cannot put the genie back in to the bottle since it was purchased outright by Green Mountain Coffee years ago for a paltry $50k. Green Mountain Coffee has gone on to produce billions of the tiny toxic waste products, and has even gone to great extents to worsen their environmental impact. Investors with any conscience should divest all holdings in the company and place them in the same category of untouchables as Monsanto and Halliburton.

While we can find solace in his admitted regret, the fact is that he unleashed this crap on the world and he has to bear the responsibility of doing it. He should donate the $50k that he made to the Nature Conservancy or some other type of environmental organization and should actively work with Green Mountain Coffee to cease production and donate their profits to similar causes.

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