Two Wheeled Wanking

Segway polo

Have you ever wondered if just maybe you might be a total wanker? Take my simple test after reading the following article on a relatively new sport that’s completely reliant on expensive wanker-approved technology. It requires absolutely no effort on the part of the participant, has a very high introductory fee and involves a highly technical device that can interface with your iPhone (wheeee!).

  1. Does this sound exciting to you?
  2. Are you wondering about how to start up one of these clubs in your part of the world?
  3. Are you all atwitter at the idea of seeing yourself zipping in for the game clinching whack in your cute little polo outfit?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then congratulations, you are a total wanker! Oh, and if you’re a male, you need to hand in your man-card immediately.


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