The Greatest Cheater!
The Greatest Cheater of All Time!

Just in case you wondered if the Patriots were being overly denigrated due to the sheer hatred of perennial winners, Jerry Rice has answered the question for you.

In an interview with Mike Florio, he admitted to using Stickum throughout his career even though it was banned before he even joined the NFL. This would also bring in to question the Super Bowl victories from the Montana era where Rice played such a key role. So, Rice openly admits to being a habitual offender and cheater and he has the audacity to condemn the Patriots for something that never even happened? Unbelievable.

If the NFL, fans and talking heads, such as the tearful Marc Brunell, were even remotely unbiased in their disdain for those that would injure the reputation of the NFL, they would be screaming at the top of their lungs to have Rice removed from the Hall of Fame and all of his records torn up.

Oddly enough, not a peep has come from any of them, and since actions speak louder than words, they clearly are only interested in bringing down the Patriots. The NFL has been silent on the subject too, so they also have an agenda here, but it’s hard to fathom why they are so uneven in their punishments.

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