4 Decades of SNL Crap

Bad Saturday Night Live skit

Why is SNL still on the air? It hasn’t been funny for decades, and yet somehow people still tune in to this incredibly lame garbage for 1.5 hours of non-stop yawns.

The few times that I’ve watched it over the last 20 years, I always turn it off with a feeling of sadness for the actors on the show. Even though they make plenty of money during their tenure at SNL, they have to be embarrassed at the painfully poor writing they have to act out. The show has become famous for being famous. There is no substance to the show, only terrible skits that are thankfully forgotten as soon as they’re over.

SNL certainly started out with a bang with the original crew, and there were some real standouts in the following decade, but never have they been able to construct a crew remotely as funny as the original. It has simply become a way to funnel people to Lorne Michaels’ movies, some which are quite funny, but it’s a cost that I certainly won’t endure anymore.

Just stop watching this crap so that it can fade in to history.


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