I’ll Take the Plastic Version

Possible Galaxy S6

One of the latest tech weenie thrills is to see the excitement over the Samsung Galaxy S6’s new metal exterior. Articles always refer to past unsupported complaints that make absolutely no sense when they refer to prior model’s use of plastic shells, as opposed to the metal bodies of the iPhones.

When was the last time you saw either an iPhone or a Galaxy without a case? Nobody walks around with a bare phone anymore, because they are simply too expensive to replace and must be protected. After suffering a few disastrous accidents with phones and suffering the economic pain of replacing them, I will always use a case. It’s a no-brainer and nullifies the whole metal case aesthetics argument.

Oddly enough, Samsung has decided to emulate Apple rather than follow their own path of design, one which has been clearly superior for years now. By adding the unnecessary weight of a metal body while increasing the size, the experience will most likely be a lesser one. The iPhone has always felt like a thick, heavy brick in your pocket, so I find it surprising that any company would go that route. If manufacturers are so obsessed with thickness, why not be obsessed with weight, too?

The next thing you know, they’ll kill multi-tasking, go to a single button, and start limiting memory to fixed internal storage.


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