Did the Colts Deflate the Ball?

Conspiracy cartoon

I just love a good conspiracy theory, especially one with legs, and this one has them aplenty.

So far, we’ve found that only one ball out of 12 was deflated, and it looks to be the one that the Colts intercepted. Since the 11 balls confiscated from the Patriots were within acceptable inflation range, and the one with the greatest deflation was the one taken from the Colts, reason would point the finger directly at the Colts.

Remember when the original story came out, we were all told that D’Quell Jackson had turned the intercepted ball in to the NFL because it was so underinflated. But later, he stepped up and stated that he didn’t notice anything different about the ball when he intercepted it and he was not the one to turn the ball in. He simply wanted to keep it for his collection. Clearly, the real story is that it wasn’t underinflated, but somehow, it got that way by the time the NFL got their hands on it, so it seems very probable that it was deflated while in possession of the Colts.

Was this a plan by Harbaugh and Pagano to discredit the Patriots? They certainly have the motive, particularly when you look at the previous week where the Pats completely humiliated Harbaugh with superior knowledge of the game. Also, the prior meeting of the Pats and Colts produced the all too familiar pounding, which would definitely result in motivation for revenge.

If this is true, then those involved should be looking at serious prison time, and the Colts and/or Ravens should face very serious repercussions, including multi-million dollar fines and multi-year draft bans.


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