It’s Time to End the Grammys

Grammy Award

Maybe it’s time to end the whole ego-massaging fiasco of the Grammys. With it now being overrun by a dimwitted, talentless terrorist posing as an artist in the audience, one who cannot tell the difference between a real musician (Beck) and a fake one (Beyonce), the whole process has become another theater of the absurd.

West, famous for marrying America’s Skank, once again jumped up on stage, but this time he only feigned thievery of Beck’s Grammy, an action reminiscent of his previously exceptionally rude act of attacking Taylor Swift (another real musician) for winning out over the same talentless twit who wouldn’t even know how to hold a musical instrument.

Of course there is a pattern here of him attacking only white musicians, so maybe I’m overthinking this and it’s nothing more than simple racism.

Back to the original point of ending the Grammys. Year after year, the public watches less and less talented people walk up on stage. Most cannot be called musicians with a straight face, and their music is so hilariously horrible that it only insults past recipients who actually created real music. It has simply become another chance for the insanely self-serving to further profit from their mediocrity.

At this point, I would think that a true musician would find it insulting to win one.


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