Dog Whispering Danger

dangerous pitbull

I have little faith that Americans will ever grow up and put an end to this societal problem, but it does make me feel better when you have public enemies such as Cesar Milan being sued for his actions and activities that create a direct threat to the safety of the community.

Known as “The Dog Whisperer”, a singularly unimaginative name, he is being sued for releasing a deadly Pit Bull with a history of attacking humans, back to its owner. The dog attacked a visiting nurse, who suffered “disfiguring open wounds, deep muscle and tendon lacerations” and bone fractures. All because of some impotent male who needs to buttress his lacking manhood using the Pit Bull placebo, this nurse will forever be scarred.

The dog was almost terminated prior to the assault, but due to Cesar Milan’s involvement along with an exceptionally stupid judge, they stopped the destruction of this deadly animal and laid the groundwork for the near deadly attack on the nurse, Alison Bitney. The judge should be pulled off the bench, because nobody who claims to be a pillar of reason, and whose job requires logic, reason and compassion, should be allowed on the bench after committing such a breach of trust with the public.

I hope this nurse gets every penny that criminal has and then some. She should sue the judge, too.


2 thoughts on “Dog Whispering Danger

  1. Sad the nurse was injured do to the some idiot who thinks he can train hundreds of years of aggression out of a pitbull.
    Hope. She wins, hope it sets a reason to sue shelters who rehoming dangerous dogs

  2. Another one that’s going to get sued one day is Tia Torres.Happen to catch her show pitbulls and parolees and this woman has absolutely no qualms about accepting $$ from pitbull breeders that do fund raisers for her.This is a conflict of interest.Yeah let’s keep cranking them out like there’s no tomorrow.Shelters and rescues are already filled to over flowing and euthanization rates are estimated to be near 900,000 a year!What a hypocrite.I gag everytime I hear say I rescue because one day I hope I don’t have too.Well here’s a clue lady quit breeding them!Mandatory nationwide spay&neuter.

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