Time to Re-Invent the NFL

NFL logo on field

After watching a most incredible Super Bowl last night, I thought about where this sport is going and what needs to be done to save it.

During the Super Bowl, we were treated to Doug Baldwin’s classless and incomprehensibly moronic mime of defecating a football after a touchdown. All he got for it was a 15yd penalty, but what he should have received is a one or more year ban from the NFL for committing such a vile, disgusting act. Just how much of a low life do you have to be to even think of doing something like that in front of 100 million people? Mom must be so proud of him.

At the end of the game, when the Patriots were just taking a knee to run the clock out, the Seahawks responded like total thugs, starting fights with particularly violent intent. Clearly, Pete Carroll does not take any interest in trying to project a positive image for his team or manage them to do it themselves. They are gutter trash and should be ashamed of themselves, but people like that don’t have the shame gene, so the change must be brought down upon them by coaches and the NFL.

In case you didn’t notice, the NFL released a statement on game day, very quietly of course, that shows the whole deflategate to be nothing but utter bullshit and lies. Only one ball, not 11, was underinflated, and they knew this from day one, so one can only wonder what their intention and motivation was for spreading this slander. Did they think it would increase interest in the Super Bowl? Do they secretly want to ruin Belichick and Brady? Either way, Goodell has some splainin’ to do.

With fewer and fewer parents allowing their children to play football, contrasted with the rise in popularity of soccer, the NFL needs to see the writing on the wall. Their days are numbered, so they should be taking every precaution to protect what integrity remains in the sport. Maybe the first step here would be for Goodell to publicly apologize to the Patriots organization, along with all of football, and then step down to allow an individual with real character to take over.

The next step would be to put an end to the childish and perverted acts that fans have to witness every week. No more dancing in the end zone or any type of overt celebration. No coach should allow any member of his team to do so. Heavy fines, game bans and a three strikes and you’re out type of rule would work well to end this crap.

And for God’s sake, no more sleazy, whorish, talentless twits in the halftime show!


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