Two Wheeled Wanking

Segway polo

Have you ever wondered if just maybe you might be a total wanker? Take my simple test after reading the following article on a relatively new sport that’s completely reliant on expensive wanker-approved technology. It requires absolutely no effort on the part of the participant, has a very high introductory fee and involves a highly technical device that can interface with your iPhone (wheeee!).

  1. Does this sound exciting to you?
  2. Are you wondering about how to start up one of these clubs in your part of the world?
  3. Are you all atwitter at the idea of seeing yourself zipping in for the game clinching whack in your cute little polo outfit?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then congratulations, you are a total wanker! Oh, and if you’re a male, you need to hand in your man-card immediately.


Autonomous Vehicles are an Awful Idea

Autonomous vehicles

The tech world has been prepping the population on the idea of driverless vehicles for a few years now, but there has been little talk of the potential economic impact of such a transformation on the economy. The most common occupation in the US involves driving, so it requires little imagination to foresee what would happen if all those drivers were replaced with robots.

Techno Zombies will quickly raise the tired old argument of the buggy whip manufacturers who disappeared after the advent of the automobile, but that’s an illegitimate argument. Most manufacturers adapted to the change and shifted to production of auto parts in order to survive. In the modern world, there is no alternative occupation for drivers. Driving requires little education and skill, so most people that are forced out of a job will have few, if any, alternatives. Many people who drive for a living ended up there after being laid off from higher paying occupations, so they’ve already fallen to the lower end of the economic pyramid. These aren’t glorious jobs that people seek out, as they pay poorly, some require lots of time away from home, and can be brutal on the the human body. For many of those that would be replaced, there’s simply nowhere else to go and we’re not talking about a handful of specialized whip makers, but tens of millions of workers.

The time is now to promote discussion on a national level to review the use of autonomous vehicles and their impact on the economy along with the possible horrific societal implications of such a monumentous alteration of the employment structure in this country. Millions and millions of idle, hungry people make for a very tenuous political situation and this country, among others, needs to start thinking about it.

Uber’s Plan to Ditch Drivers

Human Driven Uber Cab

Just in case you were thinking about quitting your job to seek the glamor and riches of being an Uber driver, the company has just played its hand concerning the future of their industry.

Humans will not be needed as drivers. Uber already envisions their customers hailing rides via their mobile app, where the nearest driverless dronecab would boot up and head to the customer. Dronecabs will be able to operate 24/7, won’t need health insurance, won’t require a tip, and certainly won’t rape the occupants. It’s a win-win for the company and the customers, but not so much for those poor shmucks who have been jumping in to the fray of the driver-for-hire scene.

It’s hard to say how long it will take for the transition, but it will arrive much sooner than you think, so think twice about making it a career choice.