Bill Nye, the Lying Seahawks Guy

Pressure gauge

After Coach Belichick ’s recent press conference, where he explained the pressure differences in the football due to atmospheric changes, Bill Nye came out and called him a liar, saying that it made no sense.

Thomas Healy, founder of HeadSmart Labs, claims that the conditions of the AFC title game would have caused a significant drop in air pressure by result of their simulation. An even more impressive supporter of Belichick ‘s explanation is that of Richard P. Binzel, professor of planetary science at MIT. According to him, “Professor Belichick got it exactly right.

But, according to TV Star, Bill Nye, the environment has no effect on air pressure within a football and only an air pump can change it. This guy has the audacity to call himself “The Science Guy!” If he doesn’t understand this fundamentally simple concept, then he is either a fraud as a scientist or just a lying sack of shit. I’ll bet on the latter, particularly considering his closing comment of “Go Seahawks.”

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