Greatest Reality Show Ever

Off Road Alaska start

The final episode of Alaska Off-Road Warriors just finished and I’m frothing at the bit for the next season and wondering how they could possibly top this one.

With a wonderful cast of colorful characters, this show has captivated me from the original shotgun start. Consisting of a realistic display of 4-wheeling with an enthusiastic group of interesting knuckleheads, one just has to love this show. Who couldn’t love the brother-sister combination of Shea and Pete Lannigan. Like most (I assume), I was rooting for them to take the prize while rooting almost as enthusiastically for Butch and Bill, a classic pair of characters worthy of another type of road film.

Unfortunately, the producers made one huge mistake when they allowed the Rover driving dickheads back in to the show with a second vehicle after their first blew an engine. The producers seemed to think that It was a good idea to let Jason, a narcissistic, sociopathic asshole, to re-enter the competition without a chance to win the cash prize. Displaying a personality that anyone would shun, he and his metrosexual co-pilot became an irritating sub-plot that was unnecessary and detracted from the convivial joy that viewers experienced when watching the other contestants. In the last two episodes, Jason displayed a lack of decency and civility that no one could possibly find interesting. He’s the kind of person that any normal person would ostracize.

When the race came to a finale, the “Lower 48ers” took the 100k prize with their custom made Jeep, a result that I didn’t feel badly about, even though they pulled a total jerk move on one episode. However, they redeemed themselves in subsequent episodes, helping out their fellow adventurers in numerous situations. In retrospect, their one act of dickheadishness secured their win, but isn’t that the case in most of these reality shows? For that, I can only give them a nod of resigned approval and congratulations for a very well played game.

The Leigh brothers were completely outmatched due to the limitations of their vehicle, but I still appreciated their fortitude and ability to overcome adversity without help. They can be damned proud of getting as far as they did with the limited resources they had at their disposal.

If this show doesn’t help Toyota sales, nothing will. I’ve never put my Tacoma through anything as rough as those guys did, but it’s great to know that it’s got it in it.

Bring on the next season!!



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