Honda May Build the Ugliest Car Ever Conceived

Honda FCV

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Honda displayed its hydrogen powered prototype, the FCV, an incredibly creative acronym for “fuel cell vehicle”.

As most informed car lovers know, hydrogen is not a viable fuel for automobiles, and car companies only go through the ridiculous process to meet the requirements of environmental regulations. So, in an effort to say FY to the whole meaningless and costly endeavor, they designed a car so hideous that even Ed Begley wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

It’s impossible to even pick a place to begin on this Frankenstein of automotive creations. Absolutely nothing matches. The lines are completely unrelated. the nose looks like it was cut off of some other bad prototype and stuck on to the front and it sits on wheels so heinous that they wouldn’t sell at a Walmart in Compton for $99 a set.

Well played, Honda, but your days may be numbered if you don’t address the quality problems and ugly design trends that have become plagues on your illustrious name.


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